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How to replace the tank to bowl seal on a 2-Piece toilet

You will require a replacement part #687214 Foam seal to complete this repair.

From time to time you may need to remove the tank from the bowl on a 2-piece toilet.  You may want to remove the toilet to paint or refurbish a bathroom, or you may need to do some repair or maintenance on the toilet itself.  This article explains how to do this.

First, turn off the water supply to your toilet.

Remove the tank lid.

Flush the toilet to remove as much water as possible and then use either a waterproof shop vac or a sponge to remove the remaining water at the bottom of the tank.  Once all water is removed you can proceed.

The tank is connected to the bowl by 2 bolts that extend from the tank, through holes at the base of the bowl.  They are held in place by 2 sturdy nuts.  unscrew the nuts on both side and set aside. 

Remove the tank by firmly grasping it on both sides and pulling upwards until the bolts clear the holes in the bowl.  

IMPORTANT: To ensure a tight, waterproof fit, there is a seal installed between your tank and bowl.  Each time you remove the tank it is a good idea to replace this seal as it works by compression, and once the tank is removed it won't seal as well a second time.  

To remove the seal, grab firmly and pull off.  It is connected with an adhesive tape and will lift off. 

You will then need to replace with a new  seal.  All Caroma 2-Piece toilets use a 687214 foam tank to bowl seal.  Remove the paper backing to expose the adhesive and press firmly to the bottom of the tank.

Replace the tank onto the bowl by lining up the 2 protruding bolts over top of the corresponding holes at the rear of your bowl and carefully lower it in to place.  

Retrieve the plastic nuts that you removed earlier and screw back on to the tank bolts in a clockwise direction.  The tank should be firmly in place with no movement, but be careful not to over tighten.  Remember, the tank is made of vitreous china and if you over tighten it is possible to crack the porcelain. 

Turn the water back on, and replace the lid.  You are done.