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How to replace the Outlet valve and handle from a Caroma lever handle dual-flush toilet

This article shows how to completely remove and replace the Outlet (flush) valve and lever handle on a Caroma dual-flush lever handle toilet.  (Important note: MOST maintenance to the outlet valve does not require removing the base of the valve from the toilet.  If you are not changing the valve model and the base is not damaged, it is easiest to leave the base in place and simply remove / maintain the valve body.  If you are simply replacing the seal on the bottom of the outlet valve, you also do not have to remove the lever handle.  You would only need to remove the valve body itself).

Before you begin it is important to always turn off the water supply to your toilet and remove the water from your tank.  Click here to watch a video showing how to do this. (If you are not removing the outlet valve base, you don't have to remove all of the water from the tank, as water won't leak from the tank.  If you are removing the base, it is very important to remove all water from your tank to prevent leaking onto your floor).

Step 1: Remove the outlet valve body from the base


Step 2:  Disconnect the flush valve from the handle assembly

Step 3: OPTIONAL STEP - Remove the outlet valve base, (ONLY if required.  You do not have to remove or replace the base for most outlet valve maintenance.  It is much easier to simply leave it in place, even if replacing the valve body). 

Step 4:  You will next need to remove the handle, by removing the following 3 components:


Step 5:  Remove the handle itself by pulling it straight out from the tank

You will now need to reverse the order to replace everything. 

  • Insert the new handle into the tank side
  • Replace first the white and then the black handle seals and then replace and tighten the white plastic handle nut.
  • Reattach the outlet valve base if it was removed by replacing into the base of the toilet tank and then screwing the bolt back into the centre of the base in a clockwise direction. Make sure that the base is solidly in place and does not move from side to side. 
  • Replace the valve base by placing in to the base and turning clockwise. (Note: to see how the valve body fits into the base our video on replacing the outlet valve seal provides a clear visual.  To watch it click here)
  • Reattach the outlet valve cable to the handle by reattaching the handle base and tightening the blue plastic nut in a counter-clockwise direction for a left positioned lever handle, or clockwise for a right positioned lever handle. 
  • Turn the water back on.
  • Test the flush to ensure that everything is attached correctly and is functioning properly.  

Replace the lid and you are finished!