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How to replace the seal and lever on a Quietflow II Inlet (fill) valve

This video  shows the Quietflow II valve outside of a toilet tank so that you can more easily see it and all of its parts.  (Normally your inlet valve can remain inside the tank while you change it, making this maintenance very quick and easy).

Replacement part needed to complete this repair:  687040


The seal is located inside the top housing of the Inlet (fill) valve.  You will need to remove the outer casing of the housing to gain access to the seal. 


  1.  Always turn off the water before doing any maintenance to your toilet tank.  Flush the toilet to remove most of the water.  (For this maintenance you will not need to remove all of the water from the tank.  If a small amount remains at the bottom of the tank this is fine).


2. The lever located on the side of the inlet valve at the top has a small plastic piece that protrudes from the bottom.  The section that protrudes clips into a hole on the moveable arm located on the main shaft of the inlet vale.  Unclip the top arm from the arm on the valve


3. Pull the entire top housing with attached lever out from the valve, which will expose the blue seal.


4. Remove the worn seal and replace with new seal.


5. Slide the full housing portion back in to the side of valve and then twist to lock into place.

6.  Re-clip the top arm back on the lower arm.

7.  Turn the water supply back on to your tank and you are done.