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How to repair the A1280 Inlet (fill) Valve

The part you will need to complete this repair:  A1280-REPAIRKIT

Before doing any toilet tank repair or maintenance always turn the water supply off to the toilet and then flush the toilet to remove as much water as possible.  You will not be removing the valve for this repair, so you don't have to remove the small amount of water left at the bottom of the tank.

A small flat head screwdriver is very useful for this work.  Remove the tank lid and insert the end of the screwdriver under the top blue cap to pop it off.

There is a small white pin inserted through a hole under the top white cross hinge of the valve.  This pin locks the inner components of the valve into place.  You will need to remove it to gain access to the seals.  Simply push the end of the screwdriver handle against the straight edge of the pin to dislodge it; once it is loose, pull it out and retain.

Pull the white top cross piece of the valve back to expose the top of the hole from which you just removed the white pin.  Insert the screwdriver through the hole.  This will give you the leverage to turn the top housing and remove it.  The 2 seals that you will need to replace should now be exposed. Replace the seals.

Now simply reverse the procedure. Once the inlet valve is back together, turn the water supply back on and check that everything is working properly.  Then replace the tank lid and you are done!