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How to. repair a B3300-MA Inlet Valve

Part needed to complete this repair:  B3300-MA-REPAIRKIT

Before doing any repairs to your toilet, make sure to first turn off the water at the supply line and flush the toilet until most of the water is removed from the tank. (You will not be completely removing the valve so you do not have to remove all water).

There are 3 seals in this valve that need to be replaced.


To start, remove the toilet tank lid and turn the top of the valve in a counter-clockwise direction and pull up to remove. 


Remove the seal at the top of the valve body and discard.


Next you will need to remove the cylinder in the centre of the valve body.  To do this, insert a small flat head screwdriver underneath the protruding tab on the top of the cylinder and pop it up.  Then pull up the entire piece.

Now that you have accessed the lower seal, go ahead and replace it. When replacing, make sure to line up the notch in the seal with the tab in the valve body as shown below. 


You can now replace that cylinder back in to the valve body, again lining up the tab on the cylinder with the notch in the valve body.


Replace the last seal that sits in the valve top.  Simply pull it out, discard and replace, making sure that it sits securely in place.


You can now replace the top of the valve back on to the valve body.  Make sure to line up the notch on the top portion with the tabs on the body.  Turn clockwise until it clicks into place and you are done.  Replace the tank lid and turn the water back on to refill your tank.