Dual Flush Toilets

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How to remove the water from a toilet tank

Before doing any maintenance to a toilet you will need to remove all of the water from the tank.

First, you will need to turn the water supply to the toilet off. 

Remove the tank lid and push down on one or both buttons of the flush valve until as much water as possible is drained from the tank. 

There will always be a small amount of water left at the bottom of the tank.  This is fine for some repairs, but if you are removing the tank you will need to remove all of the water to avoid water spilling on to your floor.

The easiest way to remove the extra water is if you have a waterproof shop vac.  Simply vacuum up all of the water.  If you do not have a shop vac, you will need to use a cloth or sponge to mop up the water until removed.  

When the repair is finished, always remember to turn the water supply to the toilet back on.