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Many companies talk about sustainability, but few are passionate and committed enough to authentically live it. For over a decade, we have supplied solution-based green products to North America’s sustainable building industry and residential markets that exceed codes and client expectations.

"To Date, we have exchanged over 20,000 toilets. For performance, you won't find a better toilet than a Caroma toilet. The larger trapway virtually eliminates clogs." 

- Michh S. Reed,

Water Conservation Manager, Fort Worth Water Department

"GEF have installed over 2100 Caroma high efficiency toilets, have attained an average water use reduction of 25% and realized a payback of investment in approximately four years... A notable benefit from the Caroma high efficiency toilets used in GEF is a reduction in maintenance costs related to clogged toilets. The customer service from suppliers and representatives is always excellent ."

- Doug Kitlar

Director of Facility Management, GEF Seniors Housing

"I have been working in this trade for over 20 years and have worked with a few different toilet brands and they all continuously clog! I was skeptical when you promised zero clogs. Now I can see you are 100% right and since the install of your 200 toilets over a year ago, we have experienced zero clogged Caroma toilets!"

- Aharon Neiderman

Chief Engineer, Luxe City Center Hotel, LA

"I own Baths By Design in Kelowna BC Canada.
We have been selling Caroma toilets and Fluid faucets for many years.
My staff is confident in promoting these exceptional lines because of the management and sales team at Sustainable Solutions. If any product fails or there are any installation questions we can count on Doug and his team to resolve matters swiftly and professionally. We appreciate our mutually beneficial relationship and look forward to doing business well into the future."

- Ron Gill

Showroom Owner, Baths By Design

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