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How to align and tighten a Caroma 326611W soft-close detachable seat
From daily use toilet seat hinges can sometimes loosen. The Caroma 326611W seat is a 'top mounting' seat which means that all of the adjustments are done from above the bowl, making it fast and easy to tighten.

If your 326611 soft-close, detachable seat is loose or isn't aligned properly to the bowl, it is a quick and easy fix.  Step by step instructions are listed below and this video shows you the entire installation process.

1.  First you will want to remove the seat.  To do this, simply push the two quick release buttons on the inner centre of the seat underside and lift the seat upward to remove it from the mounting pins.

2.  Remove the decorative hinge cover plates by lifting them upwards.  Set them aside. 

3.  Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the bolts.  (You will want them loose enough to be able to move the seat around to align it, but not so loose that it won't stay in place on it's own).

4.  Replace the seat by aligning the hinge pins with the holes on the bottom of the seat. (Don't worry about replacing the hinge covers at this point.   They are simply decorative and not needed to do the adjustment.)

5.  With the seat attached, move the seat into the correct position, which will move the positioning of the hinge.  Once the seat is properly aligned, (so the sides are evenly placed over the bowl and the front aligns with the front of the bowl), again remove the seat by pushing the. two quick release buttons on the inner centre of the seat, being careful not to move the hinge/pin positions.

6.  Tighten the screws. 

7.  Replace the seat again, making sure that it is tight and aligned properly.

8.  Once you are happy with the seat positioning, remove the seat again and replace the decorative hinge covers.

9.  Replace the seat and you are finished!