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How to replace the seal at the bottom of a toilet flush (outlet) valve



At the bottom of your outlet (flush) valve in your toilet tank there is a seal that helps to ensure that water does not leak unintentionally from the tank into the bowl.  Over time this seal can wear. It is standard maintenance to replace the seal generally about every 2 years.  (You might need to replace it more often if you live in an area with Hard water or use in-tank cleaning product. Note: in-tank cleaning products may void your warranty). Here is how you replace it. )

Before doing any maintenance work to your toilet you should always turn off the water supply.  After turning off the water supply, flush the toilet until as much water as possible drains from the tank, giving you access to the valve.

Remove the tank lid.  Each toilet looks a little different inside, but you should see an inlet (fill) valve, and and outlet, (flush) valve.  

The outlet valve body is connected to the base at the bottom with clips.  Holding the valve firmly, turn it in a counter-clockwise direction.  Once it is released from the base lift it up and away from the base. (Note: if you have a toilet with a lever handle, there will be a cord connecting the flush valve to the handle.  You can still pull the base off to change the seal, but it will remain connected to the handle).


Turn the valve over and you will see the seal at the bottom of the valve body.  Simply pull it off. 


Replace with a new seal.  Be careful when replacing the seal to ensure that it is tucked in underneath the plastic disc at the bottom of the valve.  

Once the seal is firmly in place, it is time to replace the valve back into the base. 

Once the valve clicks into place, turn the water back on.  Check to make sure that no water is leaking into the bowl, (which would indicate that the seal may not be placed correctly).  If there are no leaks, replace the tank lid and you are done!