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How to adjust the height of an oblong dual-flush Caroma button kit

To adjust an oblong Caroma dual flush button, (part #416283):

Remove the tank lid and turn over, exposing the bottom portion of the dual-flush button kit

There are two rods extending down from the button kit.  These rods are attached to the top buttons and when a button is depressed. the rods push the top of the flush valve to activate the toilet flush.  If they are not long enough, they won't reach the flush valve to be able to properly activate the valve.  If they are too long, the tank lid won't sit properly on the tank.  Fortunately they are very easy to adjust.

The two rods are held in place by a black nut at the base of the button kit.  

Loosen the nut by turning in a counter-clockwise direction. 

Once the nut is loosened, grip the rod itself and turn left or right to adjust to the desired height.  

Once the rod reaches the correct height, re-tighten the nut at the base and then do the same for the other rod.


Once both rods are adjusted, return the tank lid to the tank.