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Smart Connect Installation
Smart Connect is an innovative installation method for Caroma fully skirted toilets that allows for maximum installation flexibility.

It is unique in that Smart Connect allows for installation into either a 10" or 12" rough-in, and anything in between! 

Often what starts as a 12" rough in is altered during construction with the addition of tile or other boards, making a standard 12" rough-in toilet impossible to install. Smart Connect features an offset adaptor that fits over top of the rough in, and depending on the positioning of the adaptor, you can allow different rough in sizes. 

Benefits of Smart Connect include:

  • allows for installation with 10" - 12" rough in
  • allows you to remove the bowl without touching the wax ring, as the wax ring remains covered and protected by the offset adaptor
  • NO drilling into the floor is required
  • beautiful - the bolt holes are small and discreet