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How to install the F-EXTVC-BL Extension Kit on a fluid F1001B Pressure Balancing Valve
If your fluid F1001B Valve has been installed too deeply into the wall, you won't be able to properly attach the shower trim. This article shows how to install an extension kit to extend the valve out by 1/2". (This is the maximum you can extend the length of your valve. If it is recessed so far back that a 1/2 inch extension doesn't work, you will have to reposition your valve).

The fluid F1001B is a non-diverting pressure balancing valve.

The trim should be removed from the wall, including the handle and cover plate to expose the valve body behind the wall.

Remove the decorative cap by turning in a counter clockwise direction.

Remove the sleeve tube.

IMPORTANT: Before going any further you must turn the water off to the valve by turning off the integral stops.


Remove the cartridge.  If it is tight, grasp the end and wiggle it back and forth to loosen and then pull straight out. 

An O-Ring seal was supplied with your extension kit.  Place the O-Ring over the threads on the body.

Screw the extra long sleeve tube onto the valve body by hand.

Replace the valve cartridge and the extra raised block.  First insert the extra raised block supplied with your extension kit into the valve body as shown below and click into place. Then, with the lettering facing upward slide the cartridge into the body and click into place. 

Thread the retaining nut back onto the valve body.

Replace the decorative cap.

You are now ready to attach the cover plate and handle of the shower trim kit. The cover plate has an adhesive strip on the outside edge covered by a protective strip.  Pull off the protective strip and align the plate over the valve and press it firmly into place. If the cover plate was previously installed and the adhesive strip was already used, you may have to clean off the used adhesive  and use a fresh bead of silicone caulking to attach the plate.  Run the bead of silicone around the inside edge of the trim plate, leaving about a 1" opening at the bottom. 

Attach the handle.by