Invisi Series II Round dual-flush Remote button set

237013C (chrome) or 237013S (satin)

These buttons can be installed up to 10 feet away from the Invisi tank, allowing for maximum design choice. 


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  • These buttons can be mounted remotely, (not directly over the bowl). These buttons can be mounted up to 10 feet away from the Invisi bowl). If you choose to mount remotely you will need t oalso order a  237024 blank access panel to cover, (to enable maintenance of the Invisi tank).. 
  • Round dual flush custom mount button set
  • This kit contains the buttons only and does not include a face plate. (If a face plate is desired, please click here to view the 237010 rount dual-fluhh plate and button set).
  • Note: requires 237702 pneumatic tube, purchased separately)


CH (Chrome)
SN (Satin )


Two Year Limited Warranty

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For California Residents: Prop 65