Quad Hand Shower Only System


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If you only want to use a single shower head, a great option is to install a hand shower on a slide bar, rather than a standard wall mounted shower head. You don't lose any of the functionality of the shower head, but gain the versatility of a hand shower! We believe that every shower should include a hand shower, as they make cleaning the shower a breeze, make it easier to clean pets, allow you to rinse hard to reach areas and allow you to bring relief to aching muscles. Once you have had a hand shower, you will never want to do without again, and using this minimalist approach is a practical way to include a hand shower in even the tightest space. 

  • Metal construction for strength and durability you can trust
  • This is a pressure balancing system that provides the safety of scald protection
  • Maximum temperature limit stops enhance the safety of our showers
  • Integral stop check valves allow you to turn the water off to just the shower if required, without affecting the rest of the home.
  • Includes a versatile 3-function hand shower that provides your choice of soft, gentle or an invigorating, concentrated spray. 
  • Slide bars allow you to adjust the height of your shower to work well with even the smallest family member. This slide bar is special in that the wall outlet is built right in to the bar, creating a much cleaner, less cluttered installation. 
  • This system requires the fluid F1001B pressure balancing valve, sold separately. For more information on the F1001B, please Click Here. 


MB (Matte Black)