3-Way Pressure Balancing Valve with turning diverter


This is our brand new 3-Way diverting valve, coming soon!  We will update the list of shower systems that work with this valve ASAP.  Stay tuned!


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Heavy forged brass pressure balancing valve, built to last

Pressure balancing ensures anti scald protection.  If the pressure of the incoming cold water suddenly changes due to a toilet flushing or an appliance turning on, this pressure balancing valve will automatically reduce the incoming hot water too, ensuring a comfortable, safe shower experience.

Features a German made fluhs cartridge.

Integral stop valves for easy maintenance.

Valve features an integral bubble level, so level installation is easy

Compliant with Cal Green requirements

Works with a wide variety of fluid shower trims, sold separately.

Note: This valve is available with or without sharing capabilities. We are not permitted to ship valves with sharing capabilities into regions like California that do not permit sharing.


No finishes