2-Way Pressure Balancing Valve with turning diverter


The fluid pressure balancing valve is the heart of our 2-Way shower systems.  The ceramic  cartridge ensures anti-scald protection for safety and peace of mind



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Valves are forged from solid brass, not cast, using the strongest materials and manufacturing process available. 

Available for solder, PEX or PEX-W (1960-Expansion PEX), with or without sharing

Pressure balancing ensures anti scald protection.  If the pressure of the incoming cold water suddenly changes due to a toilet flushing or an appliance turning on, this pressure balancing valve will automatically reduce the incoming hot water too, ensuring a comfortable, safe shower experience.

Features a high quality, ceramic cartridge.

Integral stop valves are included  for easy maintenance.

Mud Guard on Valve features min/max inset from finished wall indicator and an integral bubble level, so level installation is easy

Non-sharing valves are compliant with Cal Green requirements

Works with a wide variety of fluid shower trims, sold separately.

Note:We are unable to ship sharing valves into regions like California that do not permit sharing. 


No finishes


*Limited Lifetime Faucet Warranty against material and manufacturing defects for residential use.

 2 Year Limited Warranty on all industrial, commercial and business use.

* Full Warranty


California residents:  prop 65