6 reasons why you need a hand shower...

November 6, 2020
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Everyone should have a hand shower. Period.


One of the most common questions about shower design is, “Why should I install a hand shower?”  So many times, the answer to design questions comes down to a matter of personal taste but for this one, it really isn’t.  Everyone should have a hand shower. Period.

Why?  There are so many reasons, but let’s keep it short:

1. You can say goodbye to throwing buckets of water around to rinse the walls...

2. Your kids will thank you...

3. Ageing in the home gets easier.

4. Don't forget.. Your dog needs to shower too!

5. Shaving? Yeah... that gets 10 times easier!

6. Don't you need a better way to fill up buckets?



Your cleaning regimen just got a whole lot easier...

The best way to keep your shower clean is to regularly clean it, but it seems that many put off the task because it is so difficult to do an effective job without being able to properly direct water to where you are cleaning. You have to wet the shower, scrub it and then rinse it.  That’s pretty tough to do with a bucket!  A hand shower makes the task super-fast, and because you do it regularly , super easy!

Hand Showers make your shower child friendly

A fixed shower head that is mounted at adult height makes it difficult for children to use and control.  A hand shower on a slide rail can be lowered to just the right height for them and you can easily rinse their hair without getting water and soap in their eyes!  Win!

It can be a lifesaver for seniors

A big factor in seniors being able to stay in their homes is being able to safely bathe or shower.  Often sitting on a stool in the tub or in a walk in shower is much safer and easier for them, and this is easy with a hand shower.  Even younger people benefit from hand showers during times of convalescence or injury, but for seniors struggling with mobility issues it is crucial.

Your dogs shower routine just got SO much simpler

Do we even have to explain this one?  Big soapy dogs without a fast, effective way to rinse?  Trouble!  Dogs in a shower with a hand shower to effectively rinse?  Perfect!


Shaving is no longer a test of flexibility... 

For those who perform this ritual you don’t have to have this explained.  You can simply rinse your legs quickly and easily without wasting water or having to turn into a contortionist.

Efficiently fill buckets and pails for other household adventures 

Whether cleaning floors or soaking feet, there are lots of times when you need to fill a big bucket of water.  Filling a bucket sitting on the shower floor with a hand held shower makes it easy, and if you spill, no big deal; who cares? No muss, no fuss.


So, if hand held showers are so necessary why doesn’t everyone have one?  It’s a good question.  Likely it is a holdover from a time when having extra shower components meant upgrading to a more expensive thermostatic system.  But hand held showers have become so much more affordable in recent years, and if you are really on a budget you can economize by having a hand held shower as your only shower head, installed either on a holder or if you need to adjust the height, on a slide rail.  You just want to make sure that you choose a hand held with the width and spray pattern to be suitable for this powerhouse job!

Hand held showers.  Get one; seriously, you will never regret it! 

If you aren't ready to renovate your bathroom, but are looking for a great way to add a hand shower, have a look here for a fast, easy way to install a hand shower now.


A big factor in seniors being able to stay in their homes is being able to safely bathe or shower.