Best Low-light and Light-loving Bathroom Plants

September 19, 2019


Plants not only absorb carbon dioxide and release all-important oxygen into the air but they also absorb harmful chemicals and bring a sense of calmness and relaxation. Thanks to the likes of plant-loving influencers like Jungalow, there has been a big resurgence of indoor plants in interior design. So, in the name of National Indoor Plant Week, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to give the lowdown on the best plants for your bathroom separated into two categories; bathrooms with windows, and bathrooms without.



Bathrooms With Windows


Spider Plant
These guys prefer medium light and only need to be watered a couple of days a week. Kids love these them as they frequently bud baby spider plants which can be replanted to add to your collection. And let's not forget that they remove household impurities like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. 


If you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, these beauties will fit in perfectly. The indirect sun will keep them happy and the high humidity will give them everything else they are looking for. Just keep in mind, these delicate flowers do not like the cold so think about putting them somewhere else while opening the windows in those cooler months. 


Aloe Vera
Another light-loving plant, aloe vera is another plant that thrives in a well-light bathroom. One of my favorite greens to add to any bathroom, aloe vera is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as the medical ingredient of the century, helping with everything from cuts to burns to acne. 


Bathrooms Without Windows

Snake Plant
Another impurity removing plant, the Snake Plant loves low light and only need water about once a month during the cooler times of the year. The only thing that can kill this guy is soggy soil so make sure you are only using this plant in a well-ventilated bathroom. 


Bamboo is great as an indoor plant and keeps a bathroom clean because it doesn't require soil - it will happily grow in any light and a container filled with pebbles. 


Cast Iron Plant
This plant was made for those with a brown thumb. The Cast Iron Plant loves the shade and has no problem with over-watering, forgetful watering or extreme temperatures. To keep this guy happy, simply let the soil dry between waterings. 


Make like Jurrasic Park and spice up your bathroom with some Boston Ferns. These evergreens love low-filtered light and high humidity. Not only do ferns rid the home of toxins but also helps to restore moisture to the air naturally. Perfect for a low-light bathroom - just don't forget to water these puppies. They like their soil to stay moist. 


Peace Lilies
Peace lilies are a beautiful no-fuss plant. Not only does it boast deep forest green leaves and sweet flowers but it filters household impurities from the air. Oh yeah, and it loves minimal sunlight and lots of water. SOLD.