6” Square Switch Retrofit Kit


With Switch Retrofit slide bar you can easily add a hand shower to almost any bathroom, without touching plumbing behind the wall. This kit comes without valve trim so you can keep your existing valve trim while upgrading your shower system.

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Variations Include: F93408-001-TALL, F9408-001-18, F9408-001-18T

  • This kit includes a 26" switch slide bar, 8" switch shower arm, 60" hose, 6" square shower head and 3 function hand shower.
  • Retrofit shower slide rail is made from metal for strength and durability
  • Designed for new installations or to replace an existing shower arm and shower head
  • There is a built-in diverter to direct water between the hand shower and the shower head.  Switch can also work with an installed diverter tub spout, so an F1001B non-diverting pressure balancing valve can deliver water to a tub, shower and hand shower.
  • This kit features a standard 8" Shower arm which has a 2" rise above the water inlet.
  • A check valve is installed for back flow prevention
  • The hose elbow at the bottom of the slide rail positions the shower hose to lop around the valve cover and can be positioned left of right.
  • The Switch retrofit slide rail is intended to work with existing rough-in plumbing, so valves and valve covers are not included.
  • Not intended for use as a grab bar.  


CP (Chrome)
BN (Brushed Nickel)
MB (Matte Black )