Quad 'Switch' 5-function Shower Head & Hand Shower Kit


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Switch kits use our our amazing retrofit shower system - that isn't only for retrofits! This versatile system has a built in diverter on the slide bar, so you can have the functionality of a shower head and a hand shower, without the added cost of using a diverting valve. For more information on Switch, click here. 

This Switch system is customized with a 5-function shower head and a powerful 3-function hand shower, giving you the luxury of showering choice. 

  • Metal construction for strength and trusted reliability
  • Pressure balancing volume control ensures you the safety of scald protection
  • Maximum temperature limit stops enhance the safety and temperature control of your system
  • Integral stop checks allow you to turn just the water supply to your shower off is needed, without affecting the rest of the home.
  • This system requires the F1001B fluid non-diverting pressure balancing valve, sold separately. For more information on the F1001B, please click here. 



MB (Matte Black)