West Hollywood EDITION

Somerton Invisi Wall Hung

Envisioned by Ian Schrager and Marriott International, EDITION provides a personal and unique hotel experience. With a perfect mix of authentic design and personalization, Edition hotels and residences were created to give  a feeling of being somewhere so special, it may only be known to them.

West Hollywood EDITION was designed by renowned architect, John Pawson who worked to combine and capture the unique elements of L.A including the warm climate, golden light and creative spirit of the city. With floor to ceiling windows, integrated indoor and outdoor living West Hollywood Edition residencies have truly created a liveable art piece. 

"From garden to rooftop, EDITION caters to the simplest and most universal pleasures." - Ian Schrager

Somerton Smart Invisi Wall Hung Toilet

West Hollywood, CA

“My focus is always very much on how people live. I am interested in making environments where the quality of light, surface proportion and atmosphere come together to create spaces that feel good to be in, where everything the eye sees and the hand touches is considered and refined." - John Pawson