Watergate Hotel

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Controversial from the start, the Watergate Hotel is synonymous with the country's biggest political scandal. Having long been a playground for the fabulous, its glamorous reputation was eclipsed with political scandal on June 17, 1972, when five intruders were caught in the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, leading to Richard Nixon’s resignation.


Now, the Watergate Hotel has arrived at the its newest chapter as a luxury hotel in Washington DC. Moretti disciple Ron Arad has restored The Watergate Hotel with a dramatic undulating copper lobby and lush, mid-century modern furniture. Complimenting the hotel’s new, modern feel are the retro-chic staff uniforms, by Mad Men costume designer, Janie Bryant. 


The Watergate Hotel takes classic elegance and bold mid-century modern design and adds all of the extravagance and warmth of contemporary luxury. This one-of-a-kind hotel pays tribute to its own storied past, while paving the way for a new chapter to be written.


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Washington, DC