Port Edward

Sydney Smart II

Several years ago Port Edward residents were bathing in water so murky and discoloured that they couldn't even see their own feet. It's not hard to see why this B.C town, which receives an average of more than 8 feet of rain per year had one of the highest per capita water usages in the country. However it became clear that they were in desperate need of an upgraded water treatment plant.


Federal and Provincial governments were willing to provide grants for the improvements, but they made funding contingent on a significant effort to lower water usage.  Known for manufacturing extremely efficient water-conserving Caroma toilets, the town welcomed Doug Sproule of Sustainable Solutions to educate the residents of Port Edward on the benefits of water conservation in the midst of torrential downpour.  The juxtaposition was clear but the residents realized that while they may have a plentiful water supply, there are always economic and environmental costs to wasting it.  Every drop of water that goes down the drain is collected and processed in sewage treatment plants.  Wasting clean water not only pollutes this important resource but requires an incredible amount of tax dollars to clean and reuse it.

A Port Edward engineer worked with Sustainable Solutions and it was decided that the easiest way to cut water usage and increase adoption was to change out every toilet in the city.  Most toilets were then using over 20 litres per flush.  They were retrofitted with Caroma dual-flush high efficiency toilets, saving on average over 110,000 litres of water per household per year.  That commitment was enough to qualify for government funding financed a state of the art new water filtration system.  Port Edward became a leader in sustainability and was rewarded with a high-tech water filtration system that is a model to other North American cities.

Sydney Smart II (Discontinued Tasman)

Caroma dual-flush high efficiency toilets saved Port Edward over 110,000 litres of water per household per year.