Wisdom Tub & 8” Shower Trim Kit, (Two Handle)


With the simple glide of a handle, switch between a luxurious rain shower and a Wisdom tub spout. 

BN:  $755   CP:  $629

Colour / finish

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  • Divert water between the stunning 8" rain shower head and the tub spout with the turn of a button.
  • Bath and shower system features metal construction for durability and reliability.
  • The fluid Pressure balancing volume control ceramic cartridge keeps you and your family safe from scalding. If an appliance is turned on or toilet flushed while in the shower, these precision valves balance the hot and cold water to ensure a safe and enjoyable shower experience. 
  • This kit features a 16" shower arm. If you prefer a 20" shower arm, please order F282002T. Click here to view
  • Available with standard, PEX or PEX cold expansion 1960 valves.
  • Single lever handle operation allows temperature and volume control.
  • Includes the fluid speed connector for easy tub spout installation.
  • Requires the fluid F1012B 2-way pressure balancing valve, sold separtaely. 

F1012B Valve


BN (Brushed Nickel)
CP (Polished Chrome)


*Limited Lifetime Faucet Warranty against material and manufacturing defects for residential use.

 2 Year Limited Warranty on all industrial, commercial and business use.

* Full Warranty


For California residents:  Prop 65