Caroma Information and Installation Videos
Please view the videos below for installation tips.


General Information Videos 

Caroma Invisi Video

Caroma Profile Smart

H2Zero Urinal Operation
Cube3 Ultra Urinal Operation
Comparison of Caroma toilet bowl footprint to standard North American Bowl
Caroma ADA Button Option
Comparison of Caroma Dual Flush Washdown technology to siphon flush
Caroma on the News  

Replacing the seal on Square Style Flush Valve


Toilet Installation Videos 

Walvit Installation

H2Zero Urinal Installation
How to install a Caroma 270 dual flush toilet
How to install a Caroma Vandal Resistant Kit
How to install a Caroma 305 Bowl


General Maintenance

Caroma Dual Flush Button Adjustment Instructions

How to adjust the water level in your Caroma dual flush tank (with Fluidmaster Fill valve) 

How to adjust the water level in your Caroma dual flush tank (with Caroma Quiet Fill Valve)

Caroma Dual Flush Valve Maintenance 

How to remove your Caroma Quick Release seat for easy cleaning 

How to adjust the height of Caroma Dual Flush Buttons   
Mark 5 valve seal replacement
Inlet valve piston and seal replacement

Old Style Square Flush Valve Seal Replacement

Caravelle One Piece - OLD Style - Maintenance

QuietFlow 2 Inlet Valve Trouble Shooting and Service Guide

Simple Inlet Valve Service Guide

H2Zero Urinal Maintainance 

Caroma Toilet Replacement Parts List by Model


Walvit and Invisi Maintenance

Invisi II Installation Instructions

Walvit Maintainance 

Invisi Service Guide

Caroma Invisi FAQ


Flush Valves

How to replace a Caroma Flush valve

Trouble Shooting the Seal on an M5 Valve

Trouble Shooting the Seal on an older style square valve


Caroma Frequently Asked Questions:

NEVER use a reducing type wax ring on Caroma toilets. Why Not?

Do Caroma Toilets  really have an extra large trapway?

What is a washdown toilet?