A North American First!

Download the PDF: 90% of Australians Can't Be Wrong


Sun Peaks, Tofino and Port Edward British Columbia have all mandated the Dual Flush toilet! A North American First! Here are the two big reasons why:


1. 90% of Australians can’t be wrong

Dual Flush toilets became mandatory in Australia in 1993, in response to a significant fresh water supply shortage. Estimations from the 1980’S indicted that unless water usage was considerably lowered, Australia was in danger of exhausting their fresh water supply by the year 2020.

Since the government mandated Dual Flush 3/6 litre toilets, not only has demand on the water supply lessened significantly, but additionally, infrastructure costs have also been reduced. In the past 15 years Australia has not had to implement any major infrastructure improvements in the areas of water filtration or waste water management, despite population increases.

Infrastucture savings have been estimated in the billions of dollars. Virtually all planned dams, water and waste water treatment plants have been able to be put on hold since 1993. Currently 90% of Australia’s 20 million people have converted to Dual Flush. The Australian Dual Flush success story is so impressive many other nations have adopted similar measures.

Singapore actually went to Caroma Industries to have them rewrite Singapore’s plumbing code to mandate an even more stringent Dual Flush requirement for that country. Singapore now mandates the use of 4.5/3 litre Dual Flush Toilets.

Countries all around the world have come to the realization that it simply isn’t logical to waste our most precious resource to flush toilets. France, Italy, Germany and many others have also implemented Dual Flush into their plumbing codes.


2. ULF 6 Litre toilets use 50% more water

Caroma realized early on that making a toilet that conserves water isn’t enough. It also has to work! The research and development of Caroma Dual Flush toilets took over 10 years to perfect.

Today Caroma toilets rank at or near the top in toilet performance tests both in North America and around the world. They have achieved high performance and consumer satisfaction levels, while still saving a huge volume of water.

North Americans consider toilets that use 6 litres to be ultra low flush. While they certainly save more than old style 20 litre toilets, they still use 50% more water than a Caroma Dual Flush toilet.

If water conservation is the goal, the choice seems clear.