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JOE SAUCEDO(3 years ago)
On October 24, 2015 I purcahsed a Fluid Jovian three hole faucet from Pacific Sales, Huntington Beach, CA. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE FAUCET AFTER ONE MONTH OF WAITING. At the tiime it was ordered, Pacific Sales Rep was informed that it was on back order and should received within a month. A prior orde was received within a reasonble time period. Please advise the status of the pending oreder. This has been a very disturbibg event with your company along with another shipment that was incorrect.

Mona(3 years ago)
Hi Joe:
I'm sorry that you have had concerns over product delivery. From time to time all companies have back orders, as demand exceeds stock on hand. I investigated your order and was advised that when the order was placed Pacific Sales was given an ETA of the end of November for product arrival. The product arrived this morning and is in the process of being released and shipped out, which falls within the ETA that we gave. Again, I'm sorry that the faucet was not available to you immediately. In such cases we always advise of the back order and let you know when to expect it. Fortunately this faucet arrived well within the time period that we set out and you should be receiving it shortly. I hope this answers your concerns and that you enjoy your new fluid faucet!

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