Such a beautiful fluid sink!
The fluid TSR-3219 kitchen sink is interactive art! The subtle curves, heavy gauge stainless steel and beautifully crafted insulated inner work area make this sink an absolute joy to work with! For those who truly love their kitchens, find more information on the full line of fluid kitchen sinks .


Brian Cull(3 years ago)
fluid jovian handheld shower trim set with side bar where and what is the valve needed for this ?

Mona Winters(3 years ago)
Hi Brian: Thanks for the question..The fluid Jovian is available for purchase at plumbing wholesale and showrooms across North American. If you enter your address on the "where to buy" tab a list of closest retail stores will pop up. Or, simply email me back with your location and I'd be happy to send you a list.
As for the valve, if you visit here: - the tab for the Jovian you can click on any of the options below to get the specifications and installation information. You need the valve with diverter for this - the fluid F1000B. The spec for the rough-in valve is listed here too.
If you have further questions, just let me know. thanks!

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