Wall Mounted Oceanside Faucet Trim - AVAILABLE SUMMER 2016
Model F23008T*

Dual purpose: Use as wall mount tub filler when flow straightener is used in lieu of aerator. (To use as a tub filler, order as F23008T-S)

*Requires a Rough-In Valve, supplied separately

For Horizontal Installations: Requires F3001B Rough-In
For Vertical Installations: Requires F3001B Rough-In

Pop-Up is not included.

Available in Chrome, PVD-Brushed Nickel and PVD-Polished Nickel


fluid F23008T Wall Mounted Oceanside Faucet Trim Specification Sheet (Requires Rough-In Valve, supplied separately)


For Horizontal Installations:  Rough-In Valve Model F3000B Specification Sheet


For Vertical Installations:  Rough-In Valve Model F3001B Specification Sheet


Wall Mounted Faucet Installation Instructions