Fluid Representatives
fluid sales representatives can assist sales partners or consumers with any issue related to fluid faucets or sinks, including specification, product recommendations, pricing, service and more.


USA  (Click here for Canada)

Listed alphabetically by State  


Note:  Click on the Representative Company name to take you directly to their website where available, or to their email address.


Alabama:          Eco-Spec Sales  205-266-3434
Alaska              Green Property Concepts  888-855-1420
Arizona             714-612-1267  OR SSI
Arkansas           Eco-Spec Sales  205-266-3434

California SHOWROOMS ONLY         

                        Premier Marketing 925-866-8622

                         Or 714-612-1267


                         Bob Greene  714-612-1267

Colorado          Interarchitectural Products 303-232-5701

                       Or 714-612-1267

Connecticut       919-257-7167 OR SSI
Delaware          410-712-7220
Florida (and Caribbean)     Alterna Corp 306-406-6773
Florida (and Caribbean)     Doliner Group  305-255-0041
Georgia            Eco-spec Sales 205-266-3434

Hawaii              Green Property Concepts 888-855-1420

Idaho               Green Property Concepts 888-855-1420

Illinois (North)  Tri-Power Sales 847-548-2707

Illinois (South)  Tri-Power Sales 708-757-4280

Indiana (Excluding North IN)    919-257-7167

                                            OR SSI

Indiana (North IN)                 Tri-Power Sales 708-757-4280
Iowa                Eco-Spec Sales   205-266-3434
Kansas             Eco-Spec Sales   205-266-3434
Kentucky           919-257-7167 OR SSI
Louisiana          Grant & Associates  504-733-2999
Maine                919-257-7167  OR SSI
Maryland            410-712-7220
Massachusetts    919-257-7167  OR SSI
Michigan          Tri-Power Sales  586-873-0478
Minnesota         320-267-7826
Mississippi        Grant & Associates  504-733-2999
Missouri           Eco-Spec Sales 205-266-3434
Montana          Please contact SSI Directly
Nebraska         Eco-Spec Sales  205-266-3434

Nevada (Clark County and Las Vegas)

                        Interarchitectural Products 303-232-5700

Nevada (All areas outside Clark County and Las Vegas)

                         714-612-1267  OR  SSI

New Hampshire    919-257-7167  OR  SSI
New Jersey         Goodman Sales  201-997-2900
New Mexico        Please contact SSI Directly
New York            Goodman Sales 201-997-2900
North Carolina    Decorative Custom Sales  919-918-3904
North Dakota      320-267-7826
Ohio                 919-257-7167 OR SSI
Oklahoma         Eco-Spec Sales  205-266-3434
Oregon             Green Property Concepts  888-885-1420
Pennsylvania     919-257-7167  OR  SSI 
Rhode Island     919-257-7167  OR  SSI
South Carolina   Decorative Custom Sales  919-918-3904
South Dakota      501-773-8060
Tennessee          Eco-Spec Sales 205-266-3434
Texas                  919-257-7167  OR  SSI
Utah                  Interarchitectural Products  303-232-5700
Vermont              919-257-7167  OR  SSI
Virginia              y 410-712-7220
Washington        Green Property Concepts  888-865-1420
Washington DC   .  410-712-7220 
West Virginia        919-257-7167  OR  SSI
Wisconsin           Tri-Power Sales  847-548-2707
Wyoming            Please contact SSI Directly






8395 Riverbend Court

Burnaby, BC  V3N 5E7

Telephone:  604-430-2020

Toll Free:  800-460-7019


Jamie Roy





Attersall Marketing

Mia Attersall

Tel: (403) 252-4178

Cell: (403) 681-1732

408 - 71st Ave

Calgary, AB T2H0S2



Tom Beggs Agencies
Tom Beggs: t

Shelley Baker:

Ryan Neville, 

Andrea Yackel

(204) 953-1900
Unit 6 - 2166 Notre Dame Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0K2



Sustainable Solutions
(604) 430-2020
8395 Riverbend Court

Burnaby BC  V3N 5E7


Toll Free:  1-800-460-7019






Ron Ellis

Telephone:  418-818-1424








Please contact SSI Directly

8395 Riverbend Court

Burnaby, BC  V3N 5E7

Toll Free:  800-460-7019