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We believe in conservation without compromise: the confluence of nature, design and technology.

Many companies talk about sustainability, but few are passionate and committed enough to authentically live it. For over a decade, we have supplied solution-based green products to North America’s sustainable building industry and residential markets that exceed codes and client expectations.


When you combine the freedom of choice with a lineup of some of the best and most sustainable building products on the planet it adds up to great value. We work hard to stay on the leading edge of design and innovation, so you can offer the variety, functionality and quality your customers rightfully expect.


At SSi we believe that living ‘green’ is smart. We are intelligent about the choices we make in selecting the best products for the built environment. While we are not yet at the point where every product we carry is ecologically perfect, we are honest about how our solutions deliver sustainability. In balance, we hope that our passion for seeking out innovative and long-lasting products with sustainable attributes will help you make the right choices for project and planet.