Fluid Goes Eco-Chic
Fluid's new eco-chic bathroom fixture is the perfect example of a new luxury item for 2010. It's sophisticated, pricey and linked to a necessity: conserving water with a low-flow aerator.

President Barack Obama says that home insulation is the "in" thing now, but is it considered a luxury? That may be the case for 2010.

According to trend watchers, our definition of luxury is changing. In previous years, we tended to think of luxury as exclusive brand name items or pieces inspired by over the top design. But Renier Evers, founder of trendwatching.com, a global consumer trends firm with a large worldwide networking of trend spotters, says today's luxury is no longer about being showy -- It's about necessity.

In other words, forget acquiring bling for bling's sake, especially for the home.

"In 2010, luxury will be more about creating a homey feel, nothing too over the top, less focus on trying to impress visitors and more focus on spoiling visitors," says Evers. "As pure opulence is 'out,' look for anything that signals homeowners' skills and knowledge, whether it's well-chosen art or homemade furniture."

We may see an even greater emergence of crafters and passionate do-it-yourself enthusiasts who take pride in making their home their own -- rather than a showcase of designer products.

What's on Evers' luxury list for 2010 may surprise you: faster internet access, solar panels, health and wellness products for the bath, any amenity and/or experience that's created within the home, like a home gym or coffee bar.

What's no longer on Evers' list: anything that is too oversized or pollutes the environment (think: Hummers).


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